Dwight Steven-Boniecki
Dwight Steven-Boniecki


Skylab was - in my view - way more important for NASA than anything which came before or since. But I didn’t always think that...

My Adventure Began​ in Australia

I was 10 years old and a poster detailing the impending doom of the Space Station had been placed in the window of our principal’s office: “Skylab is Falling!”
And there began my assumption that Skylab was a failure. I learned how it was damaged upon launch, and how astronauts had to rescue it. An overall success? For my 10 year old mind, hardly.

Fast forward 25 years and I was discussing my first book "Live TV From The Moon" with Stan Lebar, the head of the lunar TV camera team. He frequently referred to the amazing Skylab program. Why? Why would an expert see a failed Space Station as a success? I decided to look into it. What I learned, leads me to present you with the first-ever feature film about the story of what I today consider one of the greatest achievements in human space exploration history.
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